Funny how the stream of consciousness works sometimes.  At one moment, I am “accidentally” setting a T-bone steak on fire in a cast-iron skillet, consequently setting off the fire alarm and sending smoke billowing out of the door to the balcony (don’t worry neighbors! I’m only cooking).  The next moment, I am youtubing the simple query of “explosions”.  I was not disappointed:

The Discovery Channel has provided quite adequately for my thirst for explosion videos.  Their web series, Destroyed in Seconds, features a chemical plant’s reserve warehouse, that is full of rocket fuel, really ruining a few peoples’ day.  WHOA.

Another armory, this time assumedly in Russia, blows up, with the shockwave being felt from miles away.  I would love to be a safe distance away to see something like this.

Once again, Destroyed in Seconds brings us a sweet explosion.  This time, American innovation leads a Pacific Coast town to rationalize that the best way to get rid of a deceased whale that has beached itself is to…you guessed it…BLOW IT UP!  Car crushing hilarity ensues.


THE BACON EXPLOSION, perhaps the greatest step in bacon innovation since fried bacon on a stick.


Explosions in the Sky- All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

Explosions in the Sky- Your Hand in Mine

Explosions in the Sky is an instrumental band from Austin, most well known for their work on the movie Friday Night Lights.  Their style is self-described as “cathartic mini-symphonies”.  Quite enjoyable stuff.