What’s the point of scary movies?  And for that matter, haunted houses?  Sure, people like to be jarred, but ride a roller coaster, why don’t ya?  Every year, when Halloween rolls around, I am coerced into driving what must be entirely too far in order to have the bejeezus scared out of me by folks who work as Medieval Times jousters for their day jobs.  Not for me, even on my most lionhearted of days.  Call me a scaredy cat, but going to haunted houses later infringes on my sleep schedule, waiting for boos or ghouls to jump out of the darkest corner of my room.

Scary movies are also not quite my bag, baby.  A few nights ago, a friend and I watched perhaps the most disturbing movie I have ever seen.  Not in the way that the Saw movies are disturbing – they are more in-your-face… more brash.  No, the film Funny Games is disturbing, in contrast to Saw, because the aggressors become so much more intimate with their victims, who happen to be a family on vacation.  As the title suggests, they do not have anything against their victims, they just take joy in playing psychopathic games with them.  For example, to let the family know that the situation is serious at the beginning of the movie, they send the family on a game of Hotter/Colder in order to find their murdered golden retriever.  Ew…it gives me chills just to think about it again.