I ❤ the Holidays.  Like, a lot.  While in an earlier post I denounced the practice of Black Friday, its presence is requisite in moving the nation collectively into Holiday mode.  In that aspect, I loathe Black Friday just a little bit less.  I love the Holidays so much, that I have decided to put together a little list of reasons that I’m so smitten with this time of year.  So here goes:

  • Hot cocoa- Despite the absence of snow in Texas, there is still no reason that, on a 60 degree night, I should feel bad about fixing myself such a delicious treat.
  • Daylight Savings- among other things, college students enjoy the extra hour at the bar, as daylight savings commences on a Saturday at 2 a.m.
  • Fires- see hot cocoa
  • Borderline catastrophe family gatherings-  Everybody’s family has some quirks.  Some people resent the crazy aunt with 48 cats, but I think that family interaction only serves to create natural comedy.  The Holidays is just about the only time that one can, just barely, appreciate your 88 year old grandmother’s unapologetic racism.  She’s a firecracker, for sure.  Robert Earl Keen, Jr. certainly said it best:  Robert Earl Keen, Jr.- Merry Christmas from the Family
  • Bowl Games-  Somewhere along the line, the Powers That Be decided that the Holidays should be synonymous with college football.  No complaints.  GO FROGS.
  • Cuddling-  While it may not be that cold outside, it certainly is cold enough for cuddling.
  • New Year’s Resolutions- Honestly, who sticks to these?  It sure is nice for the idealist though.
  • Christmas Lights-  Having grown up in the Park Cities in Dallas, I am all too familiar with over-the-top Christmas lights.  There is always at least one opportunity per year to drive around with somebody close and see all of the excessive lighting.  Boy, I would love to see some of those electric bills.
  • Tacky sweaters-  College students around the nation have capitalized on old, tacky Christmas sweaters, and there are always surprises.